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Why the SSR-3-ER dual technology sensor leaves the competition in the dust!

Automatic doors are a staple in modern buildings, offering convenience and accessibility. But what if there was a sensor that could not only activate doors seamlessly but also prioritize safety…


Introducing HR900 – Slim automatic door activation

HR900 is our brand new miniature microwave technology activation sensor.


Door commissioning made easy

Ensuring that the highest levels of pedestrian safety are achieved prior to completing a door installation is critically important. That’s why we’ve put together the following “tool kit” to assist…


Our Sales Team

This is our international sales team pictured here at a recent training day.  It’s not often we get the guys together under the same roof so as the saying goes “what’s…


ADSA approved EN16005 test box

Our ADSA approved EN 16005 test box is an essential part of every installers tool kit.  The test box can also be extremely useful for building owners/occupiers as part of…


Top Components = Top Performance

Component availability and rising costs are a global concern.  Despite this we have been able to maintain strong supply lines of the best-in-class components used in our sensors through relationships…


Coming Soon: Sliding door sensor LED upgrade

Our ever popular SSR-3, HR100-CT & 3H-IR14C sliding door activation & safety sensors are about to get even better thanks to some new and improved LED indicators.


One sensor for all sliding doors

The SSR-3-ER is fast becoming the dual technology sensor of choice for those who want to stock just one sliding door sensor. Here’s why the SSR-3-ER is considered to be…


AerWave – Ground-breaking touch free & wireless automatic door activation.

Our AerWave switch is now in stock and available to order. What makes it so special? Well, AerWave is touch free & wireless which makes it extremely hygienic and easy to install. Make…


Simplify your business with the SSR-3-ER sensor !

Imagine if there was a sensor that could be installed on standard or escape route sliding doors and could be used as a side screen safety sensor also. What if…


Our new 3-in-1 SSR-3-ER sensor is here!

The SSR-3-ER is designed for use on escape and standard sliding doors, with 3 activation outputs: current, frequency & relay.


Sliding door sensors in focus

Our SSR-3 and HR100-CT sensors don’t just provide sliding door activation with DoorLearn pedestrian safety, they also have the benefit of reduced sensor installation time through;


Achieve best in class sliding door pedestrian safety

Door Learn Technology is our intelligent door safety system. It allows pedestrian safety zones for the SSR-3 and HR100-CT sensors to be focused in front of, as well as inside…


HR50-UNI – innovative swing & sliding door activation

Few sensors are on the same wavelength as our ultra-sleek HR50-UNI when it comes to providing timely door activation at mounting heights of up to 4m.


New SSR-3: Combined Technology, Sliding Door Sensor

Ensure timely door openings, enhanced pedestrian safety, and save money with the new Hotron SSR-3 sliding door sensor.


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