One sensor for all sliding doors

The SSR-3-ER is fast becoming the dual technology sensor of choice for those who want to stock just one sliding door sensor.

Here’s why the SSR-3-ER is considered to be the best dual technology sensor in the world today.


One Sensor, Three Applications

  • 3-in-1 sensor for standard (relay) or emergency escape route (current/frequency) door activation and safety.
  • Can be used as a side screen safety sensor also.

Protect door users

  • Door Learn Technology provides unrivalled pedestrian safety.
  • 3-row infrared safety curtain protects pedestrian inside and around the door close zone.

  • Independently certified by TUV Nord for use on Emergency escape route and standard sliding doors.

Energy efficient

  • Unidirectional detecting technology reduces building energy losses by as much as 20%.
  • Cross Traffic filtering reduces instances of unintentional door activations caused by pedestrians walking parallel to the door.

Save time on site

  • Installation instructions clearly printed on the sensor body.


  • Factory pre-set dipswitch settings to conform to EN16005.

  • One piece sensor body construction prevents parts getting lost or broken during installation.
  • LED signal on detection by infrared row 1 makes it easy for installers to configure pedestrian safety correctly.

Avoid costly site call backs

  • Intelligent software that adjusts in real time to changing environmental conditions reduces instances of false door activations.


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