Why the SSR-3-ER dual technology sensor leaves the competition in the dust!

Automatic doors are a staple in modern buildings, offering convenience and accessibility. But what if there was a sensor that could not only activate doors seamlessly but also prioritize safety and energy efficiency? Introducing the Hotron SSR-3-ER sensor, a revolutionary advancement in automatic door technology.


Introducing the SSR-3-ER: Your All-in-One Solution

We’re excited to present the SSR-3-ER, a revolutionary dual technology sensor that combines our most sought-after features and intuitive software – into a single, powerful 3-in-1 solution. This champion offers: 

  • Versatility: Use the SSR-3-ER on Standard Sliding Doors, Emergency Exit Doors & for Side Screen Safety.  
  • Superior Detection Options: Choose between combined radar and infrared activation & safety or infrared-only activation & safety.  
  • Pioneering Pedestrian Safety: For over 50 years, we’ve been innovating and optimizing our active infrared technology. That dedication continues in the SSR-3-ER. 

Unmatched Safety is Our Focus:

Pedestrian safety is top priority at Hotron and is built into the SSR-3-ER. Simply put, the SSR-3-ER provides significantly more safety than the leading competitor sensor.  Here’s how we do it;   

  • More safety as standard: 3-row infrared safety curtain shields pedestrians thanks to its 1m deep x 2.7m wide safety zone. The leading competitor sensor provides 2 rows of infrared and a 0.5mdeep x 2.2m wide detection area. This is made possible because the SSR-3-ER’s infrared spots are 20cm in diameter compared to 5cm from the leading competitor. 
  • Pedestrian Protection on both sides of the door: Our innovative Door Learn technology enables the pedestrian safety zone to be focused in front of, as well as inside automatic sliding doors, shielding pedestrians on both sides of the moving door and in between the moving door leaves. Door Learn technology is unparalleled in the industry and means that the SSR-3-ER provides a level of protection that exceeds industry safety standards. 


Energy Efficiency: A Benefit for All:

The SSR-3-ER can contribute to both environmental and financial savings: 

  • Smarter Door Activation: Radar cross traffic filtering prevents unnecessary door openings caused by people walking parallel to the door, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. 

Simplified Installation and Configuration:

We understand the importance of ease of use for installers. The SSR-3-ER delivers: 

  1. Easy to configureA streamlined analogue interface with dip switches, manual detection zone positioning, and clear installation instructions on the sensor itself facilitate straightforward setup. We also pre-program the dip switches for EN 16005 compliance in our factory to save time on site. 
  1. Sleek Installation The SSR-3-ER sensor can be cleverly concealed within the door engine cover achieving a remarkably sleek and streamlined aesthetic. Our internal mounting solution also offers exceptional convenience, requiring only 30mm of space within the door operator itself. 
  1. Smart Detection feedback – The LED indicators show in real time whether detection has occurred from the radar or from the infrared detection zone. But that is not all, each infrared row also has its own unique LED signal. Simplifying the task of configuring the sensor and conducting the EN 160005 box test. 

The SSR-3-ER: An innovative partner for your automatic doors. Experience the Hotron difference – contact us today to learn more about how the SSR-3-ER can be a game changer for your business. 


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