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Door commissioning made easy

Ensuring that the highest levels of pedestrian safety are achieved prior to completing a door installation is critically important. That’s why we’ve put together the following “tool kit” to assist…


Our Sales Team

This is our international sales team pictured here at a recent training day.  It’s not often we get the guys together under the same roof so as the saying goes “what’s…


ClearGuard: Coming soon in 2023

ClearGuard is our new assistance-free public toilet access system designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to open, close, and securely lock public toilet doors.


Top Components = Top Performance

Component availability and rising costs are a global concern.  Despite this we have been able to maintain strong supply lines of the best-in-class components used in our sensors through relationships…


Coming Soon: ClearGuard – a wireless public toilet door switch system for disability access

Here’s a sneak peek of our new wireless switch set that will be available later this year.  It’s called ClearGuard and it has been designed to make it easier for…


AerWave – Ground-breaking touch free & wireless automatic door activation.

Our AerWave switch is now in stock and available to order. What makes it so special? Well, AerWave is touch free & wireless which makes it extremely hygienic and easy to install. Make…


AerWave – Helping to create a germfree environment

A touch free & wireless automatic door activation switch that is quick and easy to install is now a reality thanks to our new ground-breaking AerWave sensor.


Touchless Switches? We have a solution to meet your needs

Our touchless switch range is unrivalled and is specifically designed for automatic door companies wishing to offer their customers contactless door activation solutions.


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