Simplify your business with the SSR-3-ER sensor !


Imagine if there was a sensor that could be installed on standard or escape route sliding doors and could be used as a side screen safety sensor also.

What if your installation and service teams only needed to bring one sliding door sensor model to site to cover all eventualities.

The Hotron SSR-3-ER is the sensor you need to simplify your business.

Illustrated detection area for the Hotron SSR-3 combined technology automatic door sensor detecting a woman pushing a pram
  • Suitable for mounting heights of up to 3.5m.
  • Provides pedestrian safety in front of and inside the moving door leaf.
  • Mechanical relay output for standard sliding doors and current/frequency outputs for escape route doors.
  • Reduced door hold open times through cross traffic filtering and uni-directional detecting technology.
  • Configure the SSR-3-ER as a single row infrared sensor for side screen safety applications.
  • As with every Hotron sensor, the SSR-3-ER is designed with ease of installation in mind.

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