Active Infrared Sensors

Active Infrared sensors transmit and measure the reflection levels of infrared light. A change in the properties of the reflected wave indicates that a person or object is within the detection area, prompting the sensor relay activation.

They take a snapshot of the reflected infrared signal from the ground and continuously compare it to reflection levels into the sensor during daily use. For example, when a person or object enter the detection area the intensity of reflected infrared light – when compared to that from the ground, increases causing the sensor to detect.

Active infrared sensors can detect both movement and static presence making them ideal for opening doors whilst maintaining pedestrian safety.

Our infrared technology sensors are unique in their ability to monitor and self-adjust, in real-time, to changing environmental conditions. This reduces instances of false door activations.

Illustrated detection area of the Hotron HR100-CT active infrared sensor detecting a person pushing a shopping trolley towards a supermarket automatic door