Transmitters & Receivers

One, two and four channel handheld & keyfob transmitters.

Operates at 433MHz with code-hopping technology.

Battery life of 60,000 cycles.

  • Key Functions
  • Technical Specs
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  • Large Variety of Uses

    • Pedestrian automatic door activation by wheelchair bound pedestrians
    • Garage & industrial door opening from inside a car or forklift
    • Electric gate opening, etc
  • Easy to Install

    • The receiver operates after learning a transmitter’s signal through a simple push button programming procedure.
    • A receiver can learn up to 12 separate transmitter codes.
  • Radio Controlled

    • Operates at 433.92 MHz
    • Employs code-hopping technology to reduce false activations
  • Long Battery Life

    • Battery Supplied
    • Battery life of 60,000 cycles
  • ModelSingle, Dual, Quad Channel Tx: Dual Channel Fob and 433MHz Receiver
  • Detection Method433.92 Mhz Frequency radiowave
  • Sensor DimensionsReceiver: 57x32x19mm. Handheld Transmitter: 105x58 x23mm
  • Power Supply24 VAC/VDC or 12 VAC/DC
  • Operating Temperature-20˚C to 55˚C


433Mhz Transmitter (Ultra-small)


433Mhz Receiver

Dual Transmitter FOB

Ultra-small 433MHz, dual channel key fob

Single Chan Tx

433MHz, Single Channel, Handheld Transmitter

Dual Chan Tx

433MHz, Dual Channel, Handheld Transmitter

Quad Chan Tx

433MHz, Quad Channel, Handheld Transmitter