Rugged, high mount (3.5m – 6.5m) industrial door activation + safety sensor. IP65 with a large detection area. Cross traffic filtering and uni-directional detecting technology reduce unintentional door openings thus saving on building energy losses. Ability to differentiate between detecting pedestrians and vehicles reduces workplace accidents. Microwave + Infrared Technology.

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  • Designed for Industrial Environments

    • Rugged, waterproof (IP67) housing makes Kabuto the ideal sensor for high-speed door activation & safety in harsh installation environments.
    • Anti-vibration technology prevents the sensor from detecting door vibrations.
  • Optimized Safety

    • Safety curtain in front of and around the closing door protects pedestrians from the dangers of high-speed door movements.
    • Kabuto can be configured to only detect vehicular traffic, forcing pedestrian traffic to use an alternative door.
    • Long presence timer settings can be chosen if desired to prevent door closures on valuable merchandise left in the door close zone.
  • Reduced Building Energy Losses

    • Kabuto’s detection area can be accurately adjusted to suit your installation environment.
    • Uni-directional detection technology reduced the door hold open time.
    • Cross traffic filtering prevents unintentional door activations caused by traffic moving parallel to the door.
  • Easy to Install & Configure

    Easy to Install & Configure
    • Dual function ceiling/wall mounting bracket increases installation flexibility.
    • Our intuitive remote control allows the sensor settings to be easily configured from the ground.
  • ModeloKABUTO: Industrial Door Activation + Safety
  • Método de detecciónMicrowave Motion Detection K-Band 24.15GHz + Active Infrared Detection
  • Altura de instalación3.5m to 6.5m (11.5ft to 21.3ft)
  • Dimensiones del sensor230mm (W), 140mm (H), 115mm (D)
  • Temporizador de presencia30sec, 1,2,5,10,20mins,1,2hrs or ∞
  • Calificación IPIP65
  • AlimentaciónAC/DC 12 to 24 [V] ±10% 50/60Hz
  • Consumo de energíaAC12V-2.5 [VA] (Max) AC24V-3.3 [VA] (Max) DC12V-150 [mA] (Max) DC24V-80 [mA] (Max)
  • Temperatura de funcionamiento-20 to +60 [Deg.C],(-4 to 140 Deg.F)
  • Peso2.87 [lb.] (1.3 [kg])
  • Colores disponiblesBlack

KABUTO-RC Remote Control