Simplify your business with the SSR-3-ER sensor !

Imagine if there was a sensor that could be installed on standard or escape route sliding doors and could be used as a side screen safety sensor also.

What if your installation and service teams only needed to bring one sliding door sensor model to site to cover all eventualities.

The Hotron SSR-3-ER is the sensor you need to simplify your business.

Our new 3-in-1 SSR-3-ER sensor is here!

It’s independently tested by TUV for compliance with EN16005, can be installed at heights up to 3.5m and comes with energy saving cross and uni-direction detection technology.

SSR-3-ER also features enhanced DoorLearn safety levels that allow for the protection of pedestrians in front of as well as between the moving door leaves.

A red flashing LED on detection row 1 makes it easy for installers to configure pedestrian safety correctly and in accordance with European automatic door standards EN16005.

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