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Sliding door sensors in focus

Our SSR-3 and HR100-CT sensors don’t just provide sliding door activation with DoorLearn pedestrian safety, they also have the benefit of reduced sensor installation time through;


Achieve best in class sliding door pedestrian safety

Door Learn Technology is our intelligent door safety system. It allows pedestrian safety zones for the SSR-3 and HR100-CT sensors to be focused in front of, as well as inside…


Have you met Rory yet?

We would like to introduce Rory Bryan who joined our sales team in 2019.


Upgraded SSS-5 swing door safety sensor

We recently upgraded our highly popular SSS-5 swing door safety sensor by making it even easier to install.


HR50-UNI – innovative swing & sliding door activation

Few sensors are on the same wavelength as our ultra-sleek HR50-UNI when it comes to providing timely door activation at mounting heights of up to 4m.


Kabuto – a revolutionary sensor for industrial doors

Our new Kabuto dual technology sensor is specifically designed to provide industrial door activation and safety at unparalleled installation heights of up to 6.5 meters!


Coming Soon: New HR400-IND Industrial Door Sensor

At the end of February we will launch our new HR400-IND industrial door activation and safety sensor.


Field Test Body for European Automatic Door Companies

Field Test Body now available to test safety sensors on automatic doors.


Swing Door Finger Guard Update

FP200 Finger Guard is now available in two lengths.


New SSR-3: Combined Technology, Sliding Door Sensor

Ensure timely door openings, enhanced pedestrian safety, and save money with the new Hotron SSR-3 sliding door sensor.


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