FP60 Finger Guard

The FP60 roller blind type finger protector that protects fingers from getting trapped at the hinge side of automatic swing doors. Quick Install with hidden screws. Available in 1,925mm and 2,015mm lengths for EN16005 compliance.

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  • High Safety Level

    • Roller blind type system ensures constant tension thus preventing fingers from getting trapped in the closing door
    • Available in 1,925mm and 2,015mm lengths giving complete finger protection along the full door height
  • Durable & Maintenance Free

    • Rust free mechanism suitable of indoor and outdoor use
    • Washable hard-wearing synthetic fibre fabric
    • Durability tested up to 1,000,000 test cycles
  • Install in minutes

    • Fixing elements on the door and frame side with oblong holes to facilitate easy re-adjustment of the roller protector
    • Removable/mountable fabric cover allows for quick and easy installation
  • Intelligent Design

    • Concealed screws for an aesthetically pleasing installation
    • Suitable for all door types
    • B1 rated fire resistant
  • ModellFP60 Finger Guard
  • Sensorabmessungen1,925mm and 2,015mm
  • Verfügbare Farben Silver, Dark Bronze, White

FP60 Door Marking Aid

Door marking aid to facilitate with installation of the FP60