Swing Doors – Various Locations

Schools, Banks, Offices, Hotels, Cinemas, Shopping Centres, Retirement Homes, Rehabilitation Centres, Hospitals, etc.

Door activation can be triggered in one of two ways, with an overhead sensor such as the HR50-UNI (blue) or with a door activation switch.

Typically, our Stainless Steel Push Pads are popular door activation devices, but the ClearWave and J-Wave touchless switches are increasingly popular for hygiene reasons.

Wireless versions of these switches are also available to ease installation.

Safety against finger entrapment on the hinge side of the door during door movement also needs to be maintained. The FP60 finger guard is a great choice for this.

Wheelchair user using automatic swing door and Hotron stainless steel push pad switch. Ideal for schools, banks, offices, hotels, cinemas, shopping centres, retirement homes, rehabilitation centres & hospitals.